You can use the Open Author tool to build and create courses, lessons, activities and presentations. Through the tool, you are able to write, upload links and embed media to create, license, and publish your resources on #GoOpenVA.


  • Import Google Docs - upload a Google Doc from your Drive to Open Author.
  • Customizable - Content can be easily edited or customized with the easy to use toolbar.
  • Remixable - Content created with Open Author and published with a Creative Commons license can be remixed and reused by other educators.

Start Authoring

  1. Only Registered Users can create materials on #GoOpenVA.
  2. Select the Add OER button at the top of your screen.
    1. Please do not use the Submit from Web option except for special circumstances (see article on Submit a Resource).
  3. Open Author can be used to create many types of materials.
    1. Lesson ideas and lesson plans, along with specific URLs.
    2. Content that will be used directly with students (students are not allowed to login to #GoOpenVA but they may view any resource following a URL provided by their teacher).  It lets you create a student-facing page along with supplemental teacher information.
    3. Connected sections that may make up a larger whole, such as a course, reference book, or unit.
  4. Click Open Author in the menu. This will launch the Open Author tool, where you can import content from Google docs, upload and attach pdf or word documents, or begin creating a new resource using our editing tools.

See also: Writing your resource

Submitting your resource