If you want to submit a resource to #GoOpenVA, we encourage you to use the Open Author software to do so. Submitting a resource through Open Author is the most helpful way to let others know about a resource you have found useful and it asks you to include details about how to use it in a classroom situation.  Please see the Help resources for Open Author.

Occasionally you may need to just add a broad URL.  This is not generally helpful to most teachers—they still have to go to the site and look around, or figure out how you thought such a resource might be useful to them. Still if you find a site that might be useful to know about, and which has great free resources, you can use the Submit a Resource option (museums might be an example).


Choose Create from the top menu bar and then Submit from the drop down menu.

Step 1: URL

  • Paste the URL from the site you wish to recommend.

  • Press the Continue button

Step 2:  Name and Describe this Resource

  • Add a Title and Description of the Resource in the text boxes provided

  • If there are specific Authors, add them

  • Click on the Conditions of Use that apply to the site (you may have to search around on the site to find these—they are often in the Terms of Agreement, Copyright section, or even the About section)

  • Add appropriate metadata, including subject, appropriate grade level, etc.

  • Press the Continue Button

Step 3: Submit for Review

  • Press the Submit for Review button (upper right)