We highly recommend using Clever for your district, if supported. If you district does not user Clever, please follow the instructions below to set up access via G Suite. 

In order to login to GoOpenVA with Google, you will need to create a custom SAML application for your G Suite users. Users will only be able to login to GoOpenVA using the SAML App from your G Suite. They will not be able to login using the Login button on the homepage.

Downloadable 256x256 #GoOpenVA Logo

  1. Please refer to these instructions: https://support.google.com/a/answer/6087519?hl=en

  2. Follow Steps 1-5. When you get to Step 5, please select Download IDP Metadata

  3. Send the downloaded IDP Metadata to info@goopenva.org with Subject Line 'G Suite SAML App Request

  4. You will receive an email reply that contains your Entity ID, ACS URL, and Start URL, which you will need to complete Step 11.

  5. In Step 12: Ensure settings for Signed Response, Name ID, and Name ID Format match the screenshot below.

  6. In Steps 14-15: Please ensure Attribute Mappings match the values in the screenshot below.
    *Important Note: Please ensure that whatever user profile field you select for givenName includes both first and last name.

  1. Continue with the steps outlined in "Turn On SSO to your new SAML app" and "Verify SSO between your Google service and your new SAML app". If you aren't able to complete the verification process, please email info@goopenva.org