Open nature of #GoOpenVA

Anyone can access #GoOpenVA to view materials. You do not need an account to do that.

Registered Users

For a registered account, you must be an educator in Virginia, currently employed with a school division or school. Some exceptions are made for education staff at institutions/organizations to upload educational materials. No students are allowed accounts at this time.

Registered users may add materials, evaluate materials, and interact with other registered users.  All registered users must read the Terms of Use Agreement and the Inappropriate and Inaccurate Material Policy.

How to Get a Registered Account

For security, educators who want access to #GoOpenVA are asked to use their own division’s single-sign-on (usually Google or Clever) software.  If you are unsure how to use this, please contact your local tech support team.

If your division is not providing access through single-sign-on, contact

Other educators, please contact (individuals only please; no groups). One-year renewable accounts will be created for you if approved.

Sign In to Your Account

Most users will user Clever to sign into #GoOpenVA. Once you have a valid Clever account, take the following steps to sign into #GoOpenVA. 

1. Click Sign In

2. Click the button to Sign in with Clever

3. Follow the prompts to login with your Clever username and password

4. Once your account has been authenticated you will be logged in and redirected to #GoOpenVA