Virginia Department of Education Resources for Supporting Education during COVID-19 Building Closures

We want to provide help to our students, parents, and teachers as we transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 building closures.  


Find information about the actions being taken by the Virginia Department of Education on the COVID-19 & Virginia Public Schools webpage. The information is frequently updated to assist schools, students, and parents with the latest information they need to know.  A page specifically devoted to parents provides guidance on several issues of concern to children’s health, well-being, and ongoing learning.


#GoOpenVA provides resources mainly for teachers to use with their students though there are many resources that can be used directly with students.  We have, however, created a Collection of Instructional Resources that have been provided by various Virginia school divisions for their students, and are shared with the rest of the state.  The links on the Collection page go to school divisions, who organize these resources as needed by their own students (usually by grade level and/or content area). These hyperlinked or printable activities have not been loaded into #GoOpenVA as individual resources and are not searchable by grade level or content area on this system.  


Within this Collection you will find a few other links to high-quality educational resources which have been made available for free to divisions during this crisis (but which may not remain free beyond July).  

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